Lesn surroundings

Monuments and castles:
The tower of Trèves, our neighbor ( https://monumentum.fr/tour-treves-pa00109385.html )
The Priory of Cunault, built between the 10th and 12th centuries - 2kms from the house.
The chapel of Saint Jean in Saint Jean
The Saint Eusèbe de Gennes Val de Loire church on the heights of Gennes Val de Loire and its splendid panorama over the Loire
The Roman amphitheater of Gennes Val de Loire
The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud,   a true jewel of medieval architecture, with   a rehabilitation and an exceptional museography – to visit absolutely, you will be captivated ( https://www.fontevraud.fr ).
The Château de Montsoreau and its splendid collection of conceptual art ( https://www.chateau-montsoreau.com/wordpress/fr ).
The castle of Saumur, which was the property of the Dukes of Anjou, today transformed into a museum of the horse, animal venerated in Saumur ( http://www.chateau-saumur.fr ).
The troglodyte village of Turquant in part ( http://www.turquant.fr/version/fr/accueil.php )
Note that all this Loire Valley is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
And of course, the list is not exhaustive!!!
We will share our findings with you and of course appreciate yours.