Our guest table

Come and share our table d'Hôtes, with small dishes and desserts concocted with local products, of course homemade.
A small glass of Aubance will be offered to you to start the evening off right.
We favor the short circuit and if you feel like it, we offer to accompany us to our local producers.
Consider booking now for the end of year celebrations.
On request only, 48 hours in advance.
We offer 2 options:
- either main course/dessert at the rate of €25/person/meal excluding drinks
- either starter/main course/dessert at the price of €30/person/meal excluding drinks
We can also prepare picnic baskets for you on request 24 hours in advance for your excursions at a rate of €15/person/picnic.
For those who are less foresighted, we can help you out with a homemade croque-monsieur depending on our availability!