The House

Our first encounter with this house was a real thunderbolt for this view of the Loire, so changing and enchanting.
This recent house, perfectly isolated, is nestled in the middle of a 6000m² park, with a large wooded area, allowing at dawn and dusk to glimpse roe deer, deer and other inhabitants of the woods.
On the terrace facing the Loire, you can observe all kinds of birds, migratory or not, and in particular a family of swans which has taken up residence between Trier and Cunault.
At sunset, take a stroll to appreciate the nobility of the tufa stone with its changing colors and the reflections of the sun.
You can particularly admire the Tower of Trier, which is the main keep of the castle of Trier rebuilt in the 15th century.
We hope that you will enjoy our house, its panorama and its atmosphere as much as we do.
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